Why Comfort Taxi is losing market share

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

As you know, we have just launched our aggregator app. We have had amazing influx of downloads and users. Thanks to our users, we have garnered lots of data and feedback, we want to share our findings.

Here's what we have gathered:

  • Using SPUR, our users have discovered that Comfort prices have always been one of the cheapest options

  • We see at least 80% of our customers (who used to frequent Grab due to convenience of app) jump over to Comfort, because of the cheaper rates.

  • On a daily average most of them save about $10 just by switching to Comfort taxis.

Don't take our word for it, take a look at what our app has been displaying in real time:

So why is Comfort still losing out?

90% of our users commented that the fluidity and user interface of the Comfort booking app puts them off. For this reason alone, we have seen them switch back to Grab even if it costs them more.

So all in all, UI/UX needs improvement. Don't get us wrong, Comfort is the OG of the private hire/ taxi industry in Singapore. We still love them, they have contributed to Singapore's growth. and have been providing reliable transport services way before Grab and Gojek. Give them some love, bad UI/UX? It's okay, you get to save money. Download our app to know the truth! Download Here

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